Around-the-World Honeymoon Trip, and Paulspond Retires - 3/29/14
And with that, team, I'm out. For a little two-month Around-the-World belated honeymoon trip with the wife. And perhaps for a bit of hiatus on the ol' Pond.

A little over ten years ago, I started Paulspond. It's been a fun ride, but the time may be coming to move onto something new. I may do more when I get back, but may also be transitioning the Pond into something new. I guess you'll have to wait and see:)

In the meantime, follow Kasey and I on our journey at our travel Tumblr, KaseyandPaulVersusEarth. I promise we'll find ourselves in at least a few misadventures...

Until then, peace and Humpty-ness, forever.




Google Transcribe - 3/3/14
I've been using Google Voice for a while now... LOVE IT. No need to listen to voicemails right after they happen - Google just transcribe the message for you and emails it to you, and you can usually figure out the gist of it.

Sometimes, though, ONLY the gist. Their transcription software could use a little work. Below are a few of my recent favorites of when they only got maybe 15% of the words right.

Sadly, that last one's actually accurate. A wrong number, I hope... but accurate.



Picture Catchups - 2/20/14
After a bit of a hiatus, I've got some funny picture catching-up to do. The New Year seems like as good a time as any.

Spotted at the local grocery store - as if shopping alone wasn't depressing enough.

At a different grocery store. Either this woman works at a bakery, or is planning the most awesome 9-year-old-boy sleepover EVER.

What? It's just my neighbor, taking his pet giant tortoise for a walk.

Finally, from our Xmas adventures in Minneapolis (first MN winter for wife Kasey, left, posing as a homeless person)...

What harm could possibly come of this?

At the top of the hill, there's this sled graveyard, left as a sign to other potential sledders. Good thing we're too mischievous to heed a warning.



"The man-made lake on my campus looks like a guy taking a dump" - 1/29/14
From my friend Pat, this overhead shot of Northwestern's campus...

Yes, yes it does. As other friend Nathan and various other posters have pointed out, he's either crapping out the library or student center, or his nether regions are the hang out spot for a bunch of scum-eating carp, whom I once tried to wallop with a brick one night coming back from the fraternities.



Computers, Computers - 12/14/13
A few weeks ago, my laptop broke. While it's off in Asia being repaired, I resorted to my previous laptop, whose screen had broken a few months earlier. My other option was my old desktop Imac, or my previous previous laptop, which still has a 3x5" floppy drive and is so old the battery lasts about 30 seconds, rendering it essentially also a desktop.

So, despite the fact that I own four computers, three of which are laptops, I can't do anything on any of them more than ten feet away from my office. In other words, this:

Sadly, I think it's time to buy a fifth.



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