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Around-the-World Honeymoon Trip, and Paulspond Retires3/29/147,897
Google Transcribe3/3/147,853
Picture Catchups2/20/147,950
"The man-made lake on my campus looks like a guy taking a dump"1/29/147,859
Computers, Computers12/14/137,878
News - Year In Review11/30/1344
Long Live the Civic11/2/1334
"Sharkmuffin" and other Awesome Band Names10/26/1333
Gabe & Diana’s Wedding: Shot O'Clock10/15/1344
Mini-Honeymoon: Panama10/11/1334
Our Wedding10/3/1330
Tiff & Ken's Wedding: Eating Seafood While Fish Watch Us9/3/1336
Football Fans8/27/1328
Porter Ridge Road8/12/1338
Ilana & Richard’s Wedding: Biking Off Into the Sunset7/24/1325
Greg & Ashley's Wedding: Denver Botanical Gardens7/17/1338
Sarah & Scott's Wedding: Cabo7/10/1344
Sam & Angie's Wedding: The Madonna Fantasuites6/28/1361
White People Music6/25/1339
Lost Love6/12/1334
Kimmy & Rob's Wedding: Our Own Little Vegas Hotel5/7/1340
Summer & Tony's Wedding: I'm on a Boat!4/13/1344
Kasey the Baby-Stealer4/4/1338
Junk Car3/27/1332
Gender Coverage3/3/1329
The Year of 13 Weddings2/5/1335
Happy New Year!1/3/1327
Modern Medicine12/21/1230
Baby, as Long as The World Is Ending...12/17/1238
Duck Dynasty11/23/1227
4th of July Pictures (LONG overdue)11/20/1240
The Most Ridiculous Action Movie Ever11/17/1222
Actual Food11/11/1232
A Fat Naked Guy Being Chased by a Hippo9/7/12350
Super Spacemobile8/18/1234
50 State Stereotypes, 2 Million Views7/20/1226
Florence Fight Club6/30/1227
Venice Photo Tour 25/12/1242
6 Things Hitler Ruined (besides half of Europe)4/19/1293
Picture Catch Up2/19/1230
4 Interpretations for Heart's "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You"1/28/12371
IAWTV Awards1/11/1231
Happier News12/30/1134
Sad News12/28/1131
Freddie Wong: Flower Warfare12/26/11232
Hobbes's Chat Roulette12/17/1133
The Great State War12/8/1133
Thanksgiving Pictures (though not like you'd expect)12/1/1138
Breakfast Rappers11/1/1147
GLEE Season 3: Ep 1 RECAP – Purple Piano People Eaters10/22/1157
Gaga or Trash is back!10/4/1120
A**hole Monkey9/30/1132
8 Unfortunately-Placed Price Stickers7/19/1145
Chris Brown Helps You Dump a Girl7/10/1125
8 More Appropriate State Anagrams7/4/1164
South Carolina Anagrams7/1/1138
12 More Overdramatic Road Signs6/28/1138
Six Fascinating Historical Ironies6/20/11116
Book Signing6/17/1132
11 Points Wants You To Hook Up6/8/1139
"States of Confusion" on MSNBC!6/6/11325
State Stereotypes - The Rejects6/3/11426
50 State Stereotypes in 2 Minutes5/27/11885
State Stereotypes - Help me vote!5/24/1135
How NOT To Jump A Car5/13/1166
"States of Confusion" Lives5/10/1125
Swimming With Snakes5/5/1140
5 Bad Ideas Humanity Is Sticking With Out of Habit - #7: Right-Side Driving4/30/1149
5 Bad Ideas Humanity Is Sticking With Out of Habit - #6: The Electoral College4/25/1143
States of Confusion Book Trailer is up!4/15/1131
New Huffpo Article: 6 Things I Learned on the Fast Track Detox Diet4/12/1135
Terror Baby4/6/1135
WNBA Dunk3/28/1123
My New Favorite Way Vegas Is Trying to Beat the Recession3/21/1135
NCAA Tournament + St. Patty's Day + Vegas = Trouble3/16/1136
Dead Fish Tide3/10/1144
Hit and Rearview3/8/1143
'Lady Gaga Outfit or Landfill Trash?' Iphone App!3/4/1126
Expired Shampoo2/27/1150
If Ski Maps Were Accurate2/25/1127
Lady Gaga Outfit or Landfill Trash?2/18/1199
Seeking Happily Ever After...2/14/1122
In Honor of Feb 14th...2/10/1129
Bull Jumps Into the Crowd2/6/1122
Where Does 666 Come From?1/31/1162
More Pictures1/20/1135
One of the Strangest Days I've Ever Had1/17/1161
The Worst Football Team Ever To (fill in the blank)1/12/11166
The Greatest of Face Replace1/10/1142
Southern Hospitality1/4/1128
Wacky Symbols12/23/1037
Over-the-Top Propaganda Posters12/19/1035
Birthday Olympics12/14/1042
Catching Up12/9/1033
Jesus is a Jerk12/3/10152
States of Confusion11/20/1035
VooDoo Donut11/18/1055
Checkerboard National Parks11/15/1050
Dead Squirrel Note11/10/1026
Halloween 2010 - Upside Down Man11/2/1055
The Backin' Up Song10/8/1023
My Fave Five Inspirational Animal Posters9/29/10154
GIF of the Day9/22/1034
More Bars In More Places9/13/1030
You Down With?9/3/1029
Holiday Graph8/17/1037
Andre the Giant8/12/10285
Beard Cage with Working Beard Door8/7/1024
What the Hell Is This? (part 3)8/2/1037
How Texting Is Ruining Changing English7/28/1034
When Warcraft Meets Social Media Sites7/19/1027
I'm in the Facebook Movie Trailer7/17/1031
My Super Fun Tour of a Medical Marijuana Dispensary7/14/1023
Does the BBC Website's Region Map Look Like a Swastika?7/6/1035
Happy 4th of July!7/2/1020
World Cup: Soccer Power Rankings by GNP Ranking6/25/1053
I've Got a Scammer6/22/1033
34 Ridiculous Road Signs6/11/1063
New Blog: Average Guy Goes To... (Venice Beach)6/7/1049
Michael Jordan Rocks a Hitler Mustache...?6/1/1049
8 Accidentally Inappropriate Company Logos5/25/1062
8 Accidentally Inappropriate Company Logos (ReDirect)5/25/1017
Man Diagram5/18/1027
Playboy Mansion Plan B5/13/1038
JURY DUTY - Detention for Adults5/10/1045
Angry Turtle5/7/1026
7 Messed-Up Early Versions of Fairy Tales5/4/10130
Lobster Rage Fist5/1/1026
Conspiracy Nut4/28/1020
5 Accidentally Hilarious Things Happening in the Background of Newscasts4/25/1064
Crashing An Orgo Final4/21/1039
Barely a Bear4/19/1014
Why You Don't Bring Your Chat Room On A Date4/15/1021
The Jessies, 20104/14/1018
Switzerland, 902104/12/1020
Viral Pixels4/8/1017
Helen Keller Falls Off Stage3/31/1032
Big-Ass Easter Eggs: A Gallery3/29/1078
10 Epic Pranks3/17/10117
5 Saints Who Had Absolutely Nothing To Do With What They're Known For3/15/1053
Century Map - Final!3/11/1018
It has begun...3/10/1020
Century Squared3/9/1035
The 5 Best Auto Tunes3/1/1024
wtfOMG (and other things Korean kids are learning about English)2/25/1016
5 Sports That Were ALMOST Winter Olympic Events2/21/1031
Natty Light2/17/1017
Ask Dr. Scientist #2: Will Humans Be As Tall As Avatars Someday?2/15/1025
10 Creative Valentine's Dates2/10/1050
Wow, My Date Sucked!2/9/1042
5 Racist Superbowl Ads2/6/1023
Enormous Slip N Slides: A Gallery2/1/1075
Adrian Peterson Figurine; NFL Overtime Rules1/29/1019
Lil Wayne Totally Looks Like Captain Jack Sparrow1/27/1036
It's Hailing in Los Angeles Right Now1/22/1024
Little Kids Re-enact "Jersey Shore"1/20/1014
What the Heck Is This (part 2)1/15/1022
Hitler Finds Out About Northwestern's Outback Bowl Loss1/12/1024
The "I Hate L.A." Mix1/11/1067
Archives Updated1/5/1018
13 Legendary Store Name Puns1/4/10165
How To Turn Your House Into A Bar1/1/1071
Skymall Stupid Lawn Ornament Tourney - The Aliens Have It!12/30/0984
Product Placement Everywhere12/28/0954
The Twelve Days of Guy Gifts - Part 4: Recreational Toys12/24/0963
The Twelve Days of Guy Gifts - Part 3: Gadgets (with videos!)12/23/0932
The Twelve Days of Guy Gifts - Part 2: Weapons12/22/0972
The Twelve Days of Guy Gifts - Part 1: Giant Stuff12/21/0949
Ask Dr. Scientist #1: Can I Live Like a Vampire?12/17/0962
Awesome History 2: The 4th Crusade12/14/0971
Evil Christmas Carols12/9/0922
Northwestern Lifts Its 9-Year Boycott of Outback Steakhouse12/6/0934
My Favorite Porn Movie Titles11/27/0944
Happy Thanksgiving!11/25/0955
Me vs. The Raccoon11/23/0943
My Text Conversation With a Stranger11/19/0957
7 Things You Can Buy For the Price of the New Aston Martin One-7711/16/0937
12 Awesome Palindromes11/12/0943
The Ten Biggest Misconceptions We Learn In School11/10/09512
17 Awesome Captchas11/9/0945
Theo's Board11/5/0947
13 T-Shirts That Will Get You Beat Up By the Cops11/2/0964
Video of the Day - Halloween Prank10/31/0930
12 Strange Sexy Halloween Costumes10/30/0983
Why Would You Want This Dog Back?10/28/0945
Tournament For Life10/26/0925
Awesome History #1: Paul Revere's Ride10/23/0950
Jesus Wins! (at Twitter, at least)10/22/0935
Holy Shit, It's Moving!10/21/0941
Ten Times Twitter Actually Makes Sense10/16/09135
"Chunder" and 15 Other Beautiful Ways To Say "Lose Your Lunch"10/15/0941
The 10 Stupidest Things People Have Named Their Kids (Dirty Version)10/14/0947
The 10 Stupidest Things People Have Changed Their Names To10/13/09158
The 20 Stupidest Things People Have Named Their Kids10/12/0952
3 More Ways to Say "Boning"10/9/0945
Drag Racing10/1/0936
My Trapeze Lesson9/30/0936
Lost and Found9/29/0959
10 Amazing Translation Parties9/16/0931
Pictures from Minnesota9/15/0931
23 Photos of People Right After Being Hit in the Nuts9/14/0968
1,000,000 Views!9/11/0932
What a Fire-Hydrant-Burst Looks Like9/10/0996
Photograph of Another Bird9/8/0930
LeAnn Rimes Is On My Softball Team9/6/0961
Fifteen Ridiculous Car Mods9/4/09101
Misconception Quiz9/3/0926
Misconception Quiz Answers9/2/0929
Skymall Stupidest Lawn Ornament Tourney - Round 18/31/09114
Link of the Day - Daaaamn8/26/0937
Paulspond Back In Time8/25/0929
Who Wants Some Latvian Money?8/24/0998
24 Things Every Guy Has Done8/21/0952
The 5 Worst Superpower Combos8/19/09101
Video of the Day - PowerThirst8/17/0937
Mad Men: 5 Strangest Cast Member Previous Roles8/15/09104
Dennis Rodman Rejects Me8/13/0924
Pic of the Day - Roof Penis8/12/0938
The Next Funniest 20 Vanity License Plates Online8/10/0966
The Funniest 20 Vanity License Plates Online8/8/09124
Video of the Day - Unnecessary Censorship Sesame Street Edition8/6/0932
Tosh.0 - Part 28/4/0941
5 Stupid Facts About Money8/3/0996
10 Things the Spinning Beach Ball of Death SHOULD Be7/31/0961
I'm Going On Tosh.0 on Thursday7/29/0929
Meat and Abortion on Mille Lacs7/28/0940
10 Most WTF Google Maps Mashups7/27/0997
Unfortunate Sticker Placement #2767/25/0940
Link of the Day - ManBabies7/24/0932
5 Video Game Moves I Wish I Could Do In Real Life7/22/0953
A Basic Girl Graph7/20/0924
The 5 Hugest Beer Pong Games of All Time7/17/09128
Link of the Day: Garfield Minus Garfield7/16/0957
10 Unintentionally Hilarious License Plates7/15/09183
The Shark Throwing Lumberjack7/13/0986
The 7 Worst Jobs At Auschwitz (an actually serious post)7/9/09439
The 7 Worst Ways To Die At Auschwitz (an actually serious post)7/7/092,297
4D of July7/6/0981
Jurys of the Apocalypse7/4/0949
The Manliest Picture of All Time7/3/0931
Pic of the Day - So Much Awesome7/1/0934
Wienermobile Sighting!6/30/0967
Video of the Day - Drunk History6/29/0941
Pic of the Day - Zorch Everywhere6/28/0933
Super Zorch 26/27/0930
American MeatHeads In Europe - Epilogue6/26/0952
American MeatHeads In Europe - Day 96/25/0985
American MeatHeads In Europe - Day 86/24/0959
American MeatHeads In Europe - Days 5-76/23/0975
American MeatHeads In Europe - Day 46/20/0944
American MeatHeads In Europe - Day 36/19/0968
American MeatHeads In Europe - Day 26/18/0965
American MeatHeads In Europe - Day 16/17/09125
American MeatHeads In Europe - Day 06/16/0949
Off to Russia! (and Sweden) (and Finland)6/15/0925
Paul and Sam vs. the NBA All-Star Game6/13/0938
Link of the Day - Ultra-Condensed Books6/12/0940
Pic of the Day - Musician Meet-up6/10/0934
Real Buddy Roll Call6/8/0963
Pic of the Day - Mr. Brain's6/5/0930
Where in the World Should We Go? Part 46/4/0959
What's the Opposite of a Sausage Fest?6/2/09752
Genius of the Month: First Names That Are Colors6/1/0948
Genius of the Month: Last Names That Are Colors5/29/0973
What I've Been Up To – Part 4: No More Break5/28/0923
What I've Been Up To – Part 3: KFC5/28/0940
What I've Been Up To – Part 2: Click It or Ticket5/27/0933
What I've Been Up To – Part 1: Castrol5/26/0934
Super Zorch5/25/0936
The Best 20 Cereals. Period.5/21/0966
Video of the Day - The SFW NSFW Video5/20/0936
LA Bans Fast Food in South Central5/19/0935
Where in the World Should We Go? Part 35/18/0931
Where in the World Should We Go? Part 25/15/0932
Shark Suplex5/13/0957
Where in the World Should We Go? Part 15/12/0954
12 Unfortunately Burned Out Signs5/11/09147
Pic of the Day - South Bay Evite5/9/0943
Awesomely Strange Google Trends - Follow-Up5/7/0944
10-Foot Bacon Jesus5/6/0976
10 Awesomely Strange Google Trends5/4/09527
Sparkling Wiggles5/3/09100
Link of the Day - Little Girl Blog Launch5/1/0938
The Chuck Norris Wagon Train Banana Dream4/30/0943
The Haircut Dream4/29/0936
Pic of the Day - Evil Dentist4/28/0950
Celebrity Chipotle4/27/0945
Slow-Motion Laughing Babies4/24/0987
The Mystery Poop4/23/09106
Pic of the Day - What's Wrong With This Picture?4/22/0947
Six-and-a-Half Funny Ugly Babies4/20/09133
Google Pot Favorite Strains4/20/0943
Link of the Day - Spiders on Drugs4/17/0952
The Snuggie's Retarded Brother4/15/0960
Easter Follow-up4/14/0963
Watch a Bunch of 29-Year-Olds Crawl Over Each Other to Get Easter Eggs4/13/0932
'Funky Cold Medina' and 'Wild Thing' are the Same Song4/10/091,173
I Heart 8mpg4/9/0963
Video of Me Blowing a Stop Sign4/8/0962
Fortune Cookie4/7/0940
The Post That Got Me Banned4/6/09127
What's New on Paulspond?4/5/0978
Why Paulspond Went on Hiatus4/4/0941
Paul's Pond Relaunches Monday!4/3/0946
Five Cartoon Characters Who Look Like Pedophiles12/27/0736
Holy Shit Do I Need a New Passport12/23/0758
Three Vignettes About Moving Into a New Home12/21/0740
Origami Boulder12/10/0737
The Next Evolution of the Romance Novel11/23/0742
My Will - PS11/11/0730
My Will11/9/0762
Angry Vomiting Pumpkins11/2/0753
Dear China: Give Us Back Our Damn Camera10/31/0747
Venice Photo Tour!10/29/0742
Graph of Paul and Gabe's Homecoming Weekend10/21/0731
Chicago Weekend Down in Flames, Part 210/18/0732
Babies vs. Avocados10/12/0771
My Letter To Verizon Customer Support10/8/07127
Dear Passengers of United Flight 233: I'm Sorry For All the Vomiting10/8/07100
How To Recycle Batteries10/7/0749
Turbo Prop10/1/0742
Mascot Rematch 29/24/0726
Mascot Rematch 19/23/0728
Mascot Death Matches9/22/0757
Tire Changing and Other Tests of Manliness9/17/0733
Two Unexpected Downsides of Moving into a New House9/11/0755
I Hate Moving9/7/0730
The New House9/3/0729
Wedding Horror8/31/0733
Indy Fever Part 2 - Fairs8/23/0772
Indy Fever Part 1 - Weddings8/20/0733
Yard Games8/13/0747
Wax + Carpet = A Domestic Skill I Never Thought I'd Need8/8/0748
Post Bridge-Collapse Minneapolis Traffic Still Better than LA Traffic8/1/0773
Can a White Man Still Be President?7/27/0761
This Past Weekend's Schedule:7/20/0721
Eat Your Way Out of Something7/6/0735
Excuse Me While I Rant6/29/0775
Trader Joe's Water: The ONLY Water6/21/0777
Foot --> Mouth6/18/0734
The Dog-Shit Excuse6/15/0747
The Three Silliest Dreams I've Ever Had6/13/0768
My Radioactive Cow Dream (with pictures!)6/10/0747
Choking Hazard6/7/0764
Douche-Baggery: Exhibit #16/6/0734
Ron's BAC5/27/0765
The Five-Minute Mile 25/23/0726
PS - May5/18/0718
Genius of the Month TM - May5/17/0727
Q and A5/15/0744
Genius of the Month TM Contest - May5/14/0714
The Five-Minute Mile5/11/0721
Presidential Physical Fitness Event #5: The Mile Run5/9/0741
Heaven/Hell Biking5/6/0728
Tri 25/3/0732
Broken Printer4/19/0727
Venne Week4/15/0721
Marlboro Mask3/30/0726
Airport Rant3/17/0772
Paintball (aka The Art of Getting the Crap Shot Out of Me)3/17/0754
WHO Cites WHAT, NOBODY, BIRDFLU as Possible Contributors to Birdflu3/6/0733
Random Words2/23/0746
Euginia's Story2/1/0741
My Gay Date1/28/0734
Waterless Toilets1/17/0736
Super Happy Fun Shooter12/27/0648
Notes on the IdiOlympics - Part 312/13/0636
Side Notes on the IdiOlympics - Part 112/11/0620
Side Notes on the IdiOlympics - Part 212/11/0622
Car Ghetto-ness11/21/0637
Winkelwagentjes Cart Joust11/15/0645
Do Your 15 Minutes of Fame Count If They're In The Netherlands?11/15/0642
Line Rider11/14/0636
Ugly Babies - The Revenge11/10/0660
Oh, the Huge Manatee!11/9/0643
Parking Ticket11/2/0636
Voicemail Auditions (part 3)10/30/0620
Voicemail Auditions (part 2)10/27/0623
Voicemail auditions10/25/0622
Our New Website10/16/0629
A Haiku (because I've got nothing else to write about)10/12/0623
Genius of the MonthTM Runners-Up10/8/0643
Genius of the MonthTM Award Winner10/7/0633
Genius of the MonthTM Award x210/6/0619
Giant Blueberries9/26/0631
Gun Case9/23/0625
Never Too Good For Some Engrish9/21/0629
Property Management with a Sense of Humor9/18/0649
Bodies in a Study Room9/14/0624
Three Year Coincidence: Imposter, RIP9/9/0627
Failure Defined9/7/0620
New Roommate... Again9/6/0620
Totalling Totals9/3/0619
Back in CA (after offending everyone in MN)8/28/0618
Top Rated Weddings8/28/0624
Pluto Got 'Moted8/26/0622
All Your Snakes Are Belong To Us8/25/0613
Representative Places8/24/0625
Phone a Friend8/22/0623
Drunk at Wedding8/21/0626
Wombats on a Moped8/17/0620
Snakes on a Plane8/16/0618
Celebrity Sighting...8/14/0628
Long Lost Johnny Green Message8/13/0620
Timeline O' Jobs8/10/0624
Kicked Out8/9/0619
Brian's Wedding8/8/0623
Things I'm Good At (by percentile rank)8/5/0624
House of Wax8/2/0624
Website Reconstruction7/27/0620
Last Day of Security7/24/0640
Mail Order Camera7/22/0615
Caste Party7/20/0622
Patriotic Pattern Recognition7/19/0632
The Things I Do For My Art7/17/0637
Credit Where Credit Is Due7/11/0632
4th of July Follow-up 2 - 10 BEST STATES7/10/0653
4th of July Follow-up7/9/0627
Our Shot At Maxim7/7/0630
Sociology Experiment... Results7/6/0632
Sociology Experiment... involving a mattress7/2/0678
Worst Pick-Up Line Ever6/30/0622
Security Nap6/28/0624
One More Reason For LA To Grow a Mass-Transit System6/27/0613
Beef Jerky6/23/0613
Hershey Travel: Not So Sweet6/21/0624
Soldier Homecoming6/19/0614
Random Acts of Kindness... Random Acts of Creepiness6/18/0628
The Skymall Game: Giftshop Version6/15/0632
Hard Plastic Product Coating: I Hate You So Much6/13/0624
10th Plane Flight in 15 Days6/12/0621
Epic Weekend part 26/8/0612
Epic Weekend part 16/7/0618
More Hershey6/6/0619
Black Guy and White Guy (Response)6/3/0643
Alex vs. Peter Griffin6/1/0628
Alex: Released Into The Wild5/27/0621
Play Pics5/25/0625
Show's Down5/22/0624
Show's Up5/15/0621
Sharkeez Burned Down!5/11/0623
4 days... 60 bucks...5/6/0637
Broken Parking Meters5/3/0620
Cat Lipstick4/29/0645
Not Normal4/25/0622
Airplane Proposal4/22/0616
Easter in New York4/19/0630
You're An All-Star4/16/0626
Goddamn Eyelashes4/12/0619
Video of Me Hurling a Cell Phone Against a Brick Wall4/10/0623
Flip Cup Tournament4/8/0634
Too Much Time On My Hands4/5/0618
Almost 04/05/064/4/0619
Casting Call (part 2)4/3/0623
I'll Start Posting More. Promise.3/30/0629
Are You Smarter Than Vince Young?3/27/0620
Nine Stages3/25/0614
My Brother Alex's Response...3/23/0615
Subway vs. McDonalds3/18/0633
Casting Call3/13/0619
Why Are Streets Named "Crescent" and "Lane" and Stuff?3/7/0613
The Coolest Club in Hollywood3/6/0649
Imaginary Number Adendum2/28/0627
Imaginary Numbers2/27/0625
Genius of the MonthTM Award - February2/26/0630
What Happens When Your Car Gets Eaten By A 20-Foot-Tall Snowplow?2/23/0619
Muy Bueno Copier2/21/0650
Car Themed Post #4 - Driveway Cops2/15/0618
Juxtapositions of the Weekend2/12/0625
Superbowl 5K - A Hilarious Exercise in Race-ism - Part 32/8/0618
Superbowl 5K - A Hilarious Exercise in Race-ism – Part 22/7/0628
Superbowl 5K - A Hilarious Exercise in Race-ism - Part 12/6/0621
LUV 4 MY SNIZZ2/4/0624
Carl's Jr: We're Out of Soft Drinks2/2/0622
Yes, I Still Live in L.A.1/31/0629
Skiing vs. Snowboarding1/30/0654
Ski Trip1/26/0626
Car Themed Post #2 - Airport Self-Drop/Ski Trip Prologue1/24/0620
I Stole Terrell Davis' Overhead Compartment1/23/0619
Car Themed Post #1 - Car vs. Pizza Hut1/21/0620
Outburst Birth Control1/20/0615
Golf Trip1/18/0613
It's Called a "Decanter"1/10/0625
What the Heck is This Thing Called?1/9/0626
Drunk Shuttles and Hijacked Limos1/1/0618
Another Year12/31/0518
The Sign Game - Round 5 (Final Round!)12/24/0532
The Sign Game - Round 412/23/0529
The Sign Game - Round 312/22/0535
The Sign Game - Round 212/21/0527
The Sign Game - Round 112/20/0527
Stuff Nobody Else Would Do12/19/0515
Double Traffic12/16/0523
Words That Suck Ass12/15/0521
Words That Are Cool12/14/0523
Johnny Green's Response to the Test Triathalon Post...12/13/0518
Standardized Test Triathlon (or: How I Broke My Brain)12/12/0512
More Fun With Pennies12/8/0526
Surprise Trip to Minnesota12/6/0528
Interest on Pennies (pun intended)12/5/0520
Thanksgiving Quintathalon11/30/0531
Turkey Smuggling11/29/0519
Addendum to Leftovers Post11/27/0514
Jury Duty11/22/0517
El Cholo (That's Spanish for "THE Cholo")11/17/0527
Delta Airlines Vs. Paul's Way of Life11/15/0520
Body Paint Anagrams11/15/0526
Free Razor11/9/0521
More Costume Ideas11/7/0522
Costume Ideas11/4/0518
Book Smarts, Street Smarts11/2/0521
Jenn's Ass10/31/0520
Lobby Ambassador10/30/0524
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Monster-Epic Ballads10/25/0565
How the Months Got Their Names10/24/0522
Responses to Hair Post; Month Post10/23/0521
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Airplane Trail Mix10/14/0526
Fast Fast Food Post10/13/0524
Hair's Your Post10/11/0521
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T9Word... Out of Control10/9/0533
T9Word Foiled10/7/0519
T9Word Challenge10/5/0521
T9Word Story10/4/0527
House Phone10/2/0515
My New Favorite Gemstone9/30/0517
Mysterious Streets part 29/29/0523
The Mysterious Streets of Redondo Beach9/27/0522
Student Truck Drivers9/26/0535
There is Officially a Website for Everything9/24/0513
Sam's Elevator9/22/0525
Modern Convenience9/19/0512
We've done it!9/16/0518
Two Years in L.A.9/15/0515
Claw Hammer9/13/0535
My Fortune9/11/0512
Stripfest Pictures!9/9/0534
Electrical Surge9/6/0520
How Horses Get Preggers9/5/0510
Family Picture9/5/0525
What Happens When I Have Too Much Time On My Hands At Security9/1/0517
Last Chicago Post, Promise8/30/0526
Stop or Not a Stop8/29/0530
Scootskate Eulogy8/27/0536
Death of the Scootskate8/25/0530
I Killed a Pigeon8/24/0553
I Almost Saw a Guy Get Stabbed8/22/0527
Old Style Nintendo8/21/0532
Teaser/Chicago Post 18/19/0525
Song Lyrics as Bullet Lists8/15/0528
One More Picture8/13/0521
Last Idaho Post8/10/0530
Not Another Idaho Trip Post8/9/0521
Idaho Trip part 5 - Don't Make Fun of Rupert8/8/0546
Idaho Trip part 3 - Lava Hot Springs8/4/0536
Idaho Trip part 2 - Golden Spike8/3/0532
Idaho Trip part 1 - 48-State Nostalgia8/2/0532
What Would Jesus Drive?7/26/0521
Helpful Information To Any Web Stalkers I Might Have7/18/0514
Song Lyric Bullet Lists 27/17/0526
Own3d, again7/14/0516
A Few Pictures From the Cabin7/14/0530
Speaking of cars...7/11/0527
4th of July Recap... in Pictures!7/9/0534
Ultimate Beerpong7/8/0524
Blueberry Juice7/7/0544
Idaho Trip part 4 - Craters and Atomic Power7/6/0517
Stella's Groove vs. Raccoons7/5/0520
How to Go About Killing a Lion With Your Bare Hands7/3/0532
Good Day6/28/0518
My First Shooting6/27/0544
Cambodian Midgets Lion Fight6/24/0528
I Slept Until 9pm6/24/0522
Summer Is Upon Me6/23/0523
My First Earthquake6/19/0545
Observations on Wheels - part 36/17/0540
Porn Truck6/16/0531
Observations on Wheels - part 26/16/0530
Observations on Wheels - part 16/15/0525
Off To Las Vegas6/9/0520
Noah's Nudist Phase6/8/0519
Beer Voices6/7/0522
Best Search Hits - Gaining Stability..6/6/0522
Customer Service6/4/0521
Final Referral Post6/2/0531
More Entertaining Websites That Aren't Mine5/30/0521
Stupid Chemistry Names5/29/0522
Incidental Comic Porn5/27/0595
Speaking of Which...5/26/0522
Donkey Balls5/25/0536
8-Year-Olds In Our Bushes5/23/0523
Wendy's Chili Finger5/19/0526
Old Country Punking5/17/0523
Fucking Door5/15/0535
Genius of the MonthTM5/12/0520
SAT Stumper5/10/0532
Barely a Musical5/9/0545
Husband of the Year5/5/0526
Whole Fish Plate5/3/0528
Termite Carnival5/2/0539
One Upped4/28/0524
...Which Reminds Me...4/28/0515
My Current Desktop Background4/26/0523
Gross Cups4/25/0519
Return to Fraternity Life4/24/0534
Untitled Formulaic Teen Sex Comedy4/21/0554
Pope Odds4/20/0521
Taco Bell Challenge4/8/0514
Return of the Smile4/7/0515
Christian Science4/2/0542
Weekend Mayhem4/2/0526
Best Search Hits - March4/2/0513
Nick and Angie3/8/0524
Lost Hat3/5/0529
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New York2/22/0534
Off to NY; New Record2/18/0524
April's Couch2/17/0522
April's Cooler2/16/0517
Knock-off Knock-off Oatmeal2/15/0530
High Speed Chase2/11/0553
Losing A Car2/7/0520
Gaining A Car 22/6/0527
Gaining A Car2/5/0548
Best Search Hits - January/More Car Stuff2/3/0529
The Quest To Fill The Spacemobile Hole2/1/0525
Guest Post - Mark1/30/0516
...Still In Mourning1/27/0520
The Spacemobile Is Dead1/23/0531
It's Over1/22/0518
Pictures from the Gay Bar1/19/0520
A Weekend1/17/0520
Rain in LA1/15/0521
Of course...1/13/0527
The Magnum1/12/0534
Guest Post - Kolleen1/11/0517
Gay Bar1/9/0515
This Is Why I Don't Drive On Fridays1/8/0518
Best Search Hits - December1/6/0520
Happy New Year1/3/0524
2004 - A Year's Best Pictures12/30/0473
Catching Up - Pictures12/29/0426
Catching Up12/27/0432
Ski Trip Recap Part 2: A Dog Ate My Cell Phone12/21/0427
Ski Trip Recap Part 1: Sick, Sick, Sick12/19/0427
Photoshop Challenge #412/18/0436
I Know I Never Write About Media, But…12/15/0416
Everything Comin' Up Roses12/13/0415
Or maybe...12/12/0429
My Birthday12/11/0420
Comments on Photoshop Challenge #312/10/0433
Photoshop Challenge #312/8/0424
The Masses (and their transit system)12/6/0418
...and the Spacemobile broke down. Again.12/5/0424
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Best Search Hits - November12/2/0416
Random Numbers12/1/0414
Wish I Had 10 More Megs of Server Space...11/28/0422
Highest-Paid Security Guard EVER11/27/0425
Top 10 Modifications I'd Make To The Spacemobile11/26/0425
Pimp My Spacemobile11/25/0423
My Big Turquoise Bed11/23/0426
Guest Post11/22/0421
Drawer of Death11/20/0440
Yankee Doodles11/19/0436
DDR PS11/17/0425
East Coast Trip11/15/0430
Burning! Burning!11/13/0425
Statue Add-On Add-On11/10/0427
Statue Add-On11/7/0449
Best Search Hits - October11/2/0429
Halloween Party10/31/0417
Samurai Weapons10/30/0431
Spackling for Security Deposits10/29/0426
Resolved - Ticket Issue #209847031210/28/0423
Welcome Home Computer!10/25/0419
Allied Chem Dry10/20/0427
PS Johnny10/19/0423
D.P.P.P.S. (Dirty Pop Party Post-Script)10/17/0417
Dirty Pop Party10/16/0448
Assless Chaps10/13/0418
Johnny Green's Visit (part 4)10/10/0422
Beer and Pizza10/9/0427
Johnny Green's Visit (part 3), and a Story10/4/0448
Johnny Green's Visit (part 2)10/3/0420
Johnny Green's Visit (part 1)10/2/0421
September's Best Search Hits/Visitors...9/28/0420
Disastrous Trip9/27/0417
Here We Go Again...9/26/0424
Northwestern Bar Night (and more Chalupa debate)9/25/0424
The Rematch. Can Gordita Pull Through?9/23/0415
More on the Gordita vs. Chalupa Showdown9/20/0439
Musical Theater and T-Bell9/19/0427
Pay Toilets9/17/0441
One Year Anniversary9/15/0415
How You Found Me, Part 29/9/0418
The 24-Hour Schedule9/6/0439
Parking Meter Mishaps9/5/0425
3 Dollar Paycheck9/2/0431
What I Do At My New Security Job9/1/0427
Things I Might Have Done Thursday8/30/0427
Work Schedule8/27/0420
We Came, We Saw, We Punched a Trolley8/17/0433
My Toe Hurts8/15/0420
Moving In...8/14/0422
Moving Out...8/13/0416
It's Sam's Birthday Party8/7/0417
Razor Sharp Fins8/6/0415
Employment Mayhem 2 - The Revenge8/5/0435
Broke-Ass Phone8/4/0428
You Know You Have a Problem When...8/3/0428
Camping 28/2/0430
The System7/27/0416
The Fall of Productivity7/25/0421
For the Love of God7/17/0422
Bear vs. Trampoline7/13/0427
The Sad News...7/8/0417
Happy 4th7/4/0423
Vegas 36/30/0427
Vegas 26/29/0441
It Continues6/27/0427
IT HAS BEGUN!!!6/25/0434
Back in Body, Not in Mind6/23/0420
The Scorching Eye of Ra The Sun God6/14/0441
Flaming Line Dunk Contest5/30/0436
Catching Up5/29/0424
How You Found Me5/25/0426
Marathon Pix5/23/0422
Sumptuous Dentistry5/13/0430
At Least I Know One Thing5/10/0425
How to Sell an Out-of-State Car in California5/8/0425
Car Stew5/6/0428
Romance Novel Quiz5/1/0426
Win this Spacemobaby4/25/0433
Car Set-Ups4/24/0432
Triathlon P.S.4/20/0434
Free Treadmill for the Masses4/19/0490
Security Guard of the Month4/9/0450
Paul and Gabe Go Camping4/2/0450
Meathead Pandemonium (Part 2)3/28/0434
Meathead Pandemonium (Part 1)3/27/0424
Indian Giving3/26/0433
HugeFrown.com; Razing Arizona3/24/0436
How Paulspond.com Got Its Name3/23/0465
Passion of the Criggety3/22/0435
Wholesale Bliss3/15/0435
Sam's Club, Then the Downward Plunge3/12/0441
Biking, Biking, Everywhere3/7/0454
My Neck Hurts3/4/0437
Dueling Diatribes2/29/0438
Man Vs. Beast 22/23/0484
Catty Midget Bitches2/22/0451
Why Johnny Can't Read2/20/0423
All Roads Lead To The Hood2/18/0447
Ocean 1, Gabe and Paul 02/14/0449
Paulina Employment Pandemonium2/12/0430
WEEK 21... and so on...2/10/0433
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