Week 8 - 11/3/03
I finally started a security job this week, on top of my health club job and the free-lance web design job and an office-moving job I’ve already got, successfully transitioning my schedule from its unusual “manageable” to its usual “maniacal”. To commemorate the occasion I worked overtime on all fronts over the weekend, logging an amazing 66 hours within four days. There was a grueling stint on Friday and Saturday where I worked for 43 of 48 hours. During the remaining 5 hours I slept. Hard.

Don’t want to go into the rigors of my daily work too much yet, for reasons of not wanting to get myself in trouble, except to say that it involves about 80% time for writing/napping, which actually represents a depressing 15% decrease from my Chicago security job. I actually have to do stuff to get paid. Yeah, I know, hard knock life. Plus it pays less, although the uniforms are nice and dapper. Perhaps I'll shed more light/dirt as I move out of “training” and into “working” (“quoties” here are used as sarcastically as possible).



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