4th of July Recap... in Pictures! - 7/9/05
Most of this last weekend's recap has been taking place in picture form so far, so I'll keep giving it to you. The following photos pretty much sum up the weekend:

A pre-4th orgy Goddamn The semi-annual Jury bros forty challenge... 71 seconds: a new record... and an animated gif!
Shark attack challenge... not nearly as fast as the forty challenge The middle one's me And the notorious Night of the Blueberry
Treem makes good use of the hookup closet The best thing ever Mark
And the 4th of July oddsboard,
after the weekend
For those of you who are astute, you may notice a couple things about the oddsboard. First, the only things that didn't happen were Paulina burning down, somebody passing out in the yard (though I passed out on the beach), and JD showing up. Second, yes, Brian got married.

Did I forget to mention this? My roommate Brian and his girlfriend Adrienne spontaneously got married this weekend. They came home from the bars and beach Saturday afternoon, announced they were driving to Vegas to get married, and proceeded to do just that. They came back the next day with the rings and marriage certificate to prove it. Which leads me to...

#5 - More games of Flip-Cup were played than Beerpong this weekend (though one of the Beerpong games was the greatest ever)
#4 - 7 grown men spontaneously brought blueberries and made blueberry juice at 11:30pm Saturday night, instead of going to a party.
#3 - These same 7 grown men then spent an hour watching "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" with the sound off, while waiting for a cab to come to take them to said party, all messed up on blueberry juice. Said cab never arrived.
#2 - Brian and Adrienne got married.
#1 - Brian was unable to drink Jaeger for 10 solid minutes afterward, because he was preoccupied about having just gotten married.

So there you have it.

Goddamn, I can't wait 'til next 4th of July.



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